Bling Bathroom

This bathroom was a complete re-do from top to bottom. All tile and fixtures were removed and replaced. I added a new custom Vanity on the other side of the room by removing the old door and replacing it with a new pocket door. This gained the client 4 more feet of usable space. I removed the small 5′ tub and added a new 6′ tub with a glass door. I also added 5 new light fixtures on dimmers for maximum lighting opportunities and of course for a special mood moment if needed. The vanity was designed for easy access into the bathroom with a slight move of the sink to the right. The mirror is also a medicine cabinet which is also mirrored on the inside. Extra storage was mastered by bringing in a tall mirrored dresser placed where the old sink used to sit. And finally, new accessories and lush towels to complete our intended goal.

ProjectBathroom Makeover

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